How police spotted killer’s lies after he stabbed ex to death in frenzied attack

A teenage killer who lied to police about stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in a frenzied attack was snared by police thanks to telltale signs.

Thomas Griffiths was just 17 when he murdered his ex-girlfriend Ellie Gould after she split from him to focus on exams.

Griffiths stabbed her 13 times in a brutal attack in the picturesque Wiltshire town of Calne.

He then desperately tried to cover his tracks as police realised he was the one responsible for the harrowing crime.

But police have now revealed how they spotted his lies, firstly thanks to scratch marks on his face.

Detective Superintendent Jim Taylor said the marks looked like “classic defence marks” which led them to pick apart his story and reveal the horrific truth.

He also said comments made by the killer after his arrest also raised suspicions of his guilt as he immediately started to “lay foundations” for his lies.

Detective Taylor told the Sun: “His initial kind of response upon being arrested was ‘is my girlfriend okay, I haven’t seen her today? – So he is immediately already trying to lay the foundations down of his lies and deceit.”

“When he was seen by officers, he was displaying marks, fresh marks down his face, which looked like scratch marks.

“They looked like classic defence wounds and based on that quite rightly he was arrested on suspicion of murder of Ellie Gould.”

Griffiths was convicted of jailed of the killing and sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison, which means he could be free before he’s 30.

For Ellie’s devastated parents, Carole and Matt, Griffiths’ sentence was a double blow and they have worked tireless since their daughter’s death for a change in the law.

Carole said: “How can one person cause so much damage, complete devastation to us, Ellie’s family, such deep emotional scarring to all her friends, to our friends, to the wider community, cause so much damage to so many people, and the punishment for that is 12 and a half years. It’s wrong.”

When the teen killer was sentenced, he was treated as a child rather than an adult.

Carole said: “Somebody a day off their 18th birthday cannot be treated the same way as a 10-year-old in terms of sentencing. I’m just flabbergasted that a high court judge and top barristers in this country think that was correct, it just does not make sense.”

The courageous couple are calling for sentences for domestic homicide to be treated in the same way as other homicides.

They also was the “smart sentences” loophole, which could let domestic murderers, like Thomas Griffiths, receive lighter sentences, be removed.

Ellie had made the decision to end her relationship with Griffiths so she could concentrate on her exams.

Her heartbroken mum described her beloved daughter, saying: “She was on the brink of adulthood, she was blossoming into this beautiful young lady, she was working hard at school studying hard for her A-levels, she’d just got herself a little job waitressing with the National Trust; she was learning to drive, and she was looking at universities.”

Her dad, Matt, added: “She was very much like her mother. She was just – well, a father would always say that – a lovely child. She knew her own mind from a very young age, very determined.

“She was great fun and obviously grew up into a beautiful, kind, loving young lady.”