Sam Hinkie, what are odds you return to NBA front office? ‘Zero’

You’re not going to have Sam Hinkie to kick around anymore.

Some people will still take their shots, but the former Sixers GM, who started “The Process,” said he is done working in the NBA during an interview with ESPN’s Pablo Torre (hat tip Real GM). So Hinkie, what are the odds you return to the NBA?

“Oh, zero,” said Hinkie. “Zero. I’ve turned that chapter for sure. That part of my life. I very much like what I’m doing now. I like surrounding myself with people who think in sort of the timeframes I do, which is often longer. That are quite comfortable with long feedback loops. That want to do the kinds of things I do, which is bet on young people and watch them flourish.”

Sam Hinkie is running a venture capital firm and is happy in that role. What about coming back in a non-GM capacity?

“Zero. Zero. The same,” said Hinkie.

It’s a matter of speculation on whether he would have ever been hired again even if he wanted a job, his 13-page manifesto on his way out the door in Philly hurt his chances of getting re-hired. Then again, never say never in the NBA.

Except for Hinkie, who says he is out.